What is the Spectacle Supply Scheme?

What is the Spectacle Supply Scheme?

The Spectacle Supply Scheme is an initiative by the Queensland Government under the Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS).  The Spectacle Supply Scheme eligible Queensland residents with a pair of basic prescription spectacles, once every two years.

Eligible Queenslanders are able to get a free pair of basic spectacles including basic frames, lens and lens treatments (if clinically justified).  These glasses must be chosen from the list of approved spectacles, lenses and frames (this list can be found here).  Clients are generally responsible for all costs associated with the purchase of any extras, if they are required through personal choice rather than clinical need. Extras include tinting, photochromatic lenses, UV protection and hard coating.


To be eligible for the Spectacle Supply Scheme, you must be a permanent resident in Queensland and hold one of the following concession cards for a minimum of six months:

How to Apply:

A brief overview of the application process is:

  • Find an approved Spectacle Supply Scheme dispenser here.
  • Complete the application form. The Optometrist/ approved dispenser will be able to assist you to complete this form.  You will need to provide details of accepted concession card.
  • If you are registered with Centrelink, you may need to complete the MASS Centrelink Consent form in order for MASS to confirm eligibility.

For more detailed information on eligibility and application process, please read the Spectacle Supply Scheme guidelines.

You can contact the Spectacle Supply Scheme on (07) 3136 3696 or you can email SSS184@health.qld.gov.au

If you would like more information about the Spectacle Supply Scheme or would like help to find a provider in your area, please contact the Seniors Enquiry Line on 1300 135 500.