There may be a number of subsidised transport options available to you.

Community Transport

You may be eligible to access community transport as part of your home care package. If you have been approved for a homecare package, you can use My Aged Care’s Find a Provider Tool to search for providers in your area.  You can also search here.

Council Cabs

A number of Councils in Queensland offer a council cab service. Council cab services generally offer shared taxis to and from nearby shopping centres for around $1.50-3.00 each way. Some of the councils offering a council cabs service include:

Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme

The Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme provides financial support for travel and accommodation for eligible patients needing to travel to access specialist medical services.

Taxi Subsidy Scheme

The Taxi Subsidy Scheme can subsidise half of the total taxi fare, up to a maximum of $25 per trip for eligible Queenslanders.

Transport Concessions

You may be eligible for concessions on public transport, including long-distance rail. Further information is available on the Queensland Government website.