Whether you are a seasoned renter, first-timer or it has been a long time, choosing a rental property can be overwhelming. This is a time to consider what you need instead of what you want. For example, will you be able to physically and economically clean and maintain the indoors and outdoors of the property? Other considerations might be around future rent increases and will the home be appropriate for any future mobility issues? What do you need to make sure you feel safe in your rental property? This might include security, but also stability of tenancy (particularly in the private rental market). The Queensland Government website contains some tips around choosing a rental property.


Finding the right location for your needs is important. Some considerations could relate to safety, walkability, accessible transport options, available services, and proximity to your social connections.  Your location will also determine your internet access and/or community in-home support services.  Location and neighbourhood can also have an impact on your emotional wellbeing and is therefore worth taking the extra time to consider.

Types of rental tenancies

To find a private rental property, you may consider using websites such as or domain, or contacting local real estate agents. 

Public and community housing may be other options, depending on your eligibility. Public and community housing is affordable rental housing offered to individuals and families on low incomes, especially those who are finding it hard to get a place to rent in the private market. Further information about public and community housing can be found on the Queensland Government website. Other options might include the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS). NRAS aims to reduce rental costs for low- to medium-income households and increase the number of affordable rental homes. 

Moving into a retirement village may be another option. It’s important to do your homework as there can be a lot of variability between villages. The Queensland Retirement Village and Park Advice Service website has a wealth of information, including a self-help kit for moving into a retirement village and frequently asked questions. 

Additionally, there are caravan and moveable dwelling parks, where you can rent existing dwellings or live in your own movable dwelling.

If you are struggling to access the private rental market due to barriers such as limited rental history, difficulties understanding how the private rental market works or issues with finding the required documentation for private rental applications, we can discuss this with you and refer you to specialist services that can provide support.

You have found a property to rent, what’s next?

Make sure you have considered the financial and contractual implications. Have a housing chat with someone on our Housing Information Line to discuss the services you might need and how you will access them. There are services who may be able to assist with rental bond costs.  Once you have explored your possibilities, you may want to investigate the practicalities of your move. 

Ask questions. If you want to know something about the property, ask the lessor. If you are unsure about your rights and responsibilities, we can refer you to a tenant advice and advocacy service that can support you to understand your rights and obligations under Queensland tenancy legislation before you enter into a residential tenancy agreement.

More information

More information on this and other items to consider can be found by moving through the other topic specific links. Alternatively, you can have a chat with the Seniors Enquiry Line on 1300 135 500. We can provide you with resources and information on services in your chosen location, as well as tips or tricks to look out for.