How to find Seniors Computer Classes

How confident are you with computers and technology?   Do you need to learn the basics?  Or do you want to improve on current knowledge?

The Seniors Enquiry Line receives many calls from people seeking to learn more about computers.  Where can you go to for support?  How do you find a class near you?

Here are a few options.  Some may be free; some may have a cost.  Not all are in person supports.  Some may be a group learning environment; some may be one-on-one supports. Hopefully we can find the right supports for you.

  • What’s in your local area? – try Googling “computer class” with your suburb or region “computer classes Brisbane”
  • Visit your local library – libraries not only have books on computers but often host basic computer workshops.
  • U3A – The University of the Third Age provides a variety of leisure and educational courses to Seniors. They have branches across Queensland and operate virtually as well.
  • Be Connected – developed by the eSafety commission, Be Connected has online resources and partners with local services to provide hands on support.

If you want some help to find the right support for you, you can call the Seniors Enquiry Line on 1300 135 500.  An Information Support Officer can help find the right support for you.