Brisbane Seniors Online

Phone: 3393 2225

Over 50 and need help with how to use your computer? Brisbane Seniors OnLine can help with affordable, one-on-one tuition in your home using your own computer.

We can help you become more familiar and confident with your computer. Learn how to send emails and photos to friends and family. Discover how to use Skype to keep in contact with relatives and friends around the world. Ensure your computer is secure and much more!

BSOL provides affordable computer tuition for the over 50s throughout the greater Brisbane area. We use patient and empathetic volunteer mentors, to provide a unique service to help seniors like you learn how to use computers and access the internet, in your home using your own computer.

A small yearly fee of $40 will cover twelve months support from a BSOL Volunteer mentor. There is also a nominal joining fee of $20. We are also looking for new mentors to pass on their valuable expertise to seniors in their own community

BSOL relies on volunteer mentors to teach seniors in Windows, Apple Mac computers, iPad and Android tablets, as well as smartphones. Volunteer mentors join for free and can participate in advanced training on new technologies. Initial training is provided and membership also entitles you to join our special interest groups such as digital and video photography, Apple technology, and our Mentor Support Group.

To learn more about how we help seniors to get on line, or to become a volunteer mentor, contact BSOL on (07) 3393 2225 or visit our website