Enhancing community knowledge and engagement with law at the end of life.

Are you:

  • An adult patient with terminal cancer who is involved in your own medical decision-making?
  • An adult family member of an adult with terminal cancer who has witnessed or been involved in medical decision-making?

If you live in New South Wales, Queensland or Victoria and either of these questions apply we are seeking your participation in a study aiming to improve understanding of medical decision-making by people with cancer and their family members, including what decision-making practices you use and what support would assist you to make decisions. Study findings will inform the development of strategies for improving community members’ understanding and awareness of their legal rights and responsibilities in relation to end of life care.

This research has been approved by the QUT University Human Research Ethics Committee, The University of Queensland Behavioural & Social Sciences Ethical Review Committee, the Cancer Council NSW Ethics Committee and the Cancer Council Victoria Human Research Ethics Committee.  To minimise any possible distress, information on counseling services will be offered.

Contact: Rachel Feeney 0733652505

Email: rachel.feeney@qut.edu.au 

Web: www.qut.edu.au/research/eol-law 

Interested in Maintaining a Healthy Brain?

If you’re aged 70-80, you may be eligible to participate in a University of Queensland brain science study. Researchers are trialing a unique, non-invasive brain stimulation technique to improve cognition in several areas, including how we perceive other people’s perspectives and emotions, and attention and quick decision making.

Study Period: August 2017
Time: 2 sessions of about 2-2.5 hours
Location: UQ Centre for Clinical Research, RBWH, Herston
Reimbursement: $50

For more information or to participate, Email uq.brainstim1@gmail.com or Call: 0408 271 141 Information Sheet_rTPJ_older adults

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