No time is too soon to plan your housing future. In fact, if you plan early you will have a better chance to achieve your goals. Planning earlier will also help take the stress out of what can be an onerous task, especially if your dream is to move to another town.

What is important in your life? Do you have family or friends you want to be near? Do you have a pet or will you want one in the future? How will your financial future impact on your housing choices? If you need to rent, how will this affect your lifestyle choices such as having a pet or garden? Do you want to stay in your current home? What kind of facilities do you want or need to be near? What kind of social activates do you want to be near? Is there access to transport? How will your preferences or needs change over time and can you accommodate them? What kind of legal and financial advice should you get? The list of questions can seem endless and another reason to start planning sooner.

There are many resources available right now that can help get you started. Continue to some topic specific information below. Alternatively, you can have a “Housing Chat” with the Housing Information Line on 1300 135 500. We can provide you will some current resources and information on current services in your chosen location as well as some tips or tricks to look out for.

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