The majority of calls to Seniors Enquiry Line are about health and well-being, retirement information, financial or investment information, government services for older people, concessions and leisure.

With your Seniors Card:

The Senior Shopper is a free, independent, shop at home service which aims to get Seniors Card holders the best price on a wide range of goods or services. Senior Shopper is only available to Seniors Card and Seniors Business Discount Card holders.

Goods or services available through the Senior Shopper include Electrical Goods, Mowers, Power Tools, Cameras, Motor Vehicles, Computers, Furniture, Travel and many more items. For more information contact the Senior Shopper on 1300 366 265 or visit their web site at

With your Centrelink Concession Card:

For those with a concession card from Centrelink you can purchase refurbished computers from WorkVentures for as little as $260 including delivery. For more more information contact WorkVentures on 1800 112 205 or visit their web site at

Go to  as well as the Queensland Government enquiry line 13 74 68  (13 QGOV) for find out about available concessions and rebates.

Centrelink’s automated phone menu system can be frustrating and confusing, especially if you’re not already a Centrelink customer and do not have the details the system asks for. Unfortunatlly there are no special numbers that will get you directly to an operator. However, if you want to be put in the queue to speak to an operator without having to talk at a machine or enter in any customer numbers, follow the instructions below.

  1. At the first menu press the # button on your phone. This will tell the system you do not want to talk to a machine.
  2. At the next menu press the# button again. This will tell the system that you do not want to enter in a customer number.
  3. Finally, press the 0 button, this will transfer you to the queue to speak to an operator.
  4. Wait, be prepared to wait a little while. It can take some time for an operator to be available to talk, especially with the numerous natural disasters Australia has experienced recently. We recommend calling them first thing in the morning when they open at 8am.

These instructions work for Centrelink’s Seniors Line (13 23 00) and the Disability, Sickness, and Carer’s Line (13 27 17).