Supporting Children after Separation

Supporting Children after Separation

Greater Brisbane Lifeline Brisbane Ph. 3442 1550 Ipswich & West Moreton Lifeline Ipswich Ph. 3816 9600 Toowoomba & Darling Downs Lifeline Darling Downs 4632 0496 Gold Coast Centacare Brisbane 5527 7211 / 5556 9900 (Ashmore) Caboolture Lifeline Caboolture Ph. 5428 4200 Bundaberg Lifeline Bundaberg Ph. 4153 8400 Cairns Relationships Australia Ph. 4041 6063 When couples separate, children and young people involved can often feel isolated, guilty and ashamed. It is important their needs are met, and ways to maintain stability and security are explored. The Supporting Children after Separation Program (SCASP) focuses on the needs of children and young people and helps them deal with issues arising from a family’s separation. The program assists children and young people understand and manage the change in their new family structure and realise that families come in all shapes and sizes. Support to children and young people is offered through a range of counselling and group activities, allowing them to have a say in the process. Group Programs can help young children develop the words to communicate their experience; older children to focus on sharing stories and relating to peers; and for adolescents, the focus may be on exploring identity and isolation issues with the aid of peer support models such as that of Peer Skills Programs. Individual Counselling can occur before or after the group programs. For younger children, counsellors will use approaches that are child-focused, developmentally appropriate and fun. For older children and adolescents, counsellors will also work on the development of individual coping strategies and exploration of grief and loss issues. School-based Support will be offered through either group educative/information sessions and/or individual counselling in both local primary and high schools. SCASP workers are committed to utilising skills and resources from a variety of interactive therapies such as Art and Play Therapy and are also committed to working in close partnerships with other programs in order to maximise sustainability of outcomes for both the individual child and families as a whole. To find out more about the Supporting Children After Separation Program, please contact the organisation in your nearest area: The Supporting Children After Separation Program is funded by the Australian Government.

9:00am to 5:00pm
07 3442 1550
117 Gipps Street
Fortitude Valley


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