Social Security Appeals Tribunal

Social Security Appeals Tribunal

The Social Security Appeals Tribunal Reviews decisions made by Centrelink and the Child Support Agency. The Tribunal is an independent body which reviews individual cases in a fair and just manner and chances decisions if they are incorrect. The Social Security Appeals Tribunal (SSAT) is a statutory body established under the social security law with an office (called a registry) located in each state and territory capital city. Almost any decision made by Centrelink can be appealed (following an Authorised Review Officer process) and include: * A claim for payment has been rejected; * A payment has been reduced, suspended or cancelled; * An overpayment has been raised or is being recovered. A personmay wish to question the decision to raise a debt or be concerned at the rate of its recovery; * There are issues about the rate of a Centrelink payment, including how a person’s income and assets are assessed in setting a rate. Child support registrar decisions made on an objection may be reviewed.

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