Silver Cord Telephone Reassurance Service – Statewide

Silver Cord Telephone Reassurance Service – Statewide

The St John Ambulance Silver Cord Service is funded by HACC and QCS. Volunteer Caring Callers make regular telephone calls at set times to people in the community who need support, particularly the frail aged, people with disabilities and their carers. The security calls are daily and if the client does not answer, a security process is activated using the client’s own contacts, or finally, the police, to check on their safety and wellbeing. This service helps clients to remain in their own homes. Friendship calls are less frequent but also very regular, and provide clients with a much-needed link with the outside world. Both these types of calls can lead to enduring friendships and are life enhancing and empowering, for volunteer and client alike. This is a low-level support system that is not suitable or equipped to deal with acute mental illness.

Operating hours: Mon to Fri 8.30am – 3.30pm
Phone: 07 3632 9913
Alternate phone: 07 3632 9931
Mobile phone: 0417 785 535
Fax: 07 3632 9900
Address: PO Box 540


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