Ombudsman Cwealth – Telecommunication Users

Ombudsman Cwealth – Telecommunication Users

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Scheme is authorised to investigate complaints by residential and small business users of telecommunications and Internet services. The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Scheme is not a consumer advocate, but provides a free service to people who have been unable to resolve a complaint directly with their telephone or Internet service provider. Complaints authorised to be investigated by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, include : * Billing * Mobile services * Internet access * Pay phones * Delays in telephone connections * Printed and electronic White Pages * Fault repair * Privacy * Credit control procedures * Breaches of the Customer Service Guarantee and Industry Codes of Practice Contracts. The TIO cannot handle complaints concerning : * The setting of tariffs and charges * Privately owned telecommunications equipment * Cabling, except cabling up to the rented handset * Business directories * Matters of telecommunications policy and * The 000 emergency service.

Mon to Fri 9.00am – 5.00pm
1800 062 058
1800 630 614
PO Box 276Level 3/595 Collins Street


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