Guardianship and Administration Tribunal

Guardianship and Administration Tribunal

The mission of the Guardianship and Administration Tribunal is to assist with personal, health and financial management arrangements for adults with impaired capacity, taking into account the rights of the adult and their existing network. A guardian is someone appointed by the Tribunal to deal with the day-to-day affairs of an adult with impaired decision-making ability. So guardians make decisions about personal matters, such as medical treatment, accommodation, employment and support services. A guardian must be over eighteen years of age and not a paid carer or health provider for the adult. As guardian, the help you give could range from minimal assistance to constant, intensive support. An administrator is someone appointed by the Tribunal to manage the financial matters of an adult who is unable to make these decisions or whose informal management arrangements are inadequate. Administrators must be over eighteen and not a paid carer or health provider for the person in question. They can be a family member or friend as long as, in the Tribunal’s opinion, they have the skills and ability to carry out their duties responsibly.

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