Families NOW

Families NOW

Families NOW are a families’ information and support service formed to assist families in our community in a variety of ways during different stages in their lives. Families NOW can provide information on: * Promotions and information about community services, events and celebration * Information about local schools, pre-schools and education facilities * Parenting tip sheets, books and videos * Nutrition and healthy meal ideas * Information about indigenous and multicultural services * Single Parent Support * Specialised information and assistance to families in our community Families NOW also provide support in the following areas: * Trained and caring volunteers to listen and offer support * Short courses on budgeting and ways to stretch your dollar * Courses to enhance parenting skills * Support and assistance with referrals to specialist services * Supervised, meaningful play for children whilst parents are attending Centre link appointments * Volunteering opportunities with support and training Courses available: * Hands On Parenting * Home Budgeting * Parental Frustration * Building Family Confidence * Journey of Self Discovery Courses in Partnership: * Hey Dad! * P5 * My Family First * Looking After Little Ones and Grown Ups Too Families NOW aim to support and assist families with information, referral and support. In this way they hope to minimise stress and the associated problems that contribute to family and individual break down.

Mon to Fri 8.30am – 4.30pm
07 3884 2710
0438 740 475
07 3884 2798
1st Floor 100 George Street


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