Blind and Vision Impaired Peoples Friendship Club

Blind and Vision Impaired Peoples Friendship Club

The Blind and Vision Impaired Persons Club is a social and recreational group for people who are blind or vision impaired and their families and carers. The group has a range of independent living aids for members to borrow – audio books (tapes and CDs) and games. SWISH (Table tennis for the blind) has become popular and some members meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month to play. A youth Swish group,called Swish Masters, play 2nd and 4th Wed of each month. Staff Training (fee-for-service applies) Staff Training is available to aged care facilities and others working with people who are blind, vision impaired or those with dual sensory loss (sight and hearing). Contact RBF 1800 622 954 or VIP 07 4126 8160

Third Wed of each month 10.00am-3.00pm
07 4159 3341
PO Box 1922


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