ARC Disability Services Inc – Cairns

ARC Disability Services Inc – Cairns

Early Childhood and Family Support Services… providing a range of opportunities and resources through the ARC Toy Library and Resource Centre, and the Family Support Program. Our programs aim to provide parents, carers and family member with the tools they need to assist their child or young person to develop to their full potential, whilst maintaining strong family relationships. Respite and flexible support being support tailored to each individual and their family/carer’s respite needs, with support being provided at home, in the community at our holiday program or at the ARC respite house, providing a positive experience for the person who has a disability. Learning and Life Skills an opportunity to develop skills for living, learning and achieving, whilst having fun. Confidence is key to many of our programs which are individually created with each person, to focus on working toward their dreams and aspirations. Lifestyle support offering supported living, enabling people to live in their own home in the community. Support is provided from a few hours per week to 24 hours per day, depending on the person’s level of independence. This is a holistic support option which assists the person to plan their whole of life activities, based on their identified dreams, aspirations and future plans.

Mon to Fri 8.00am – 4.00pm
07 4046 3600
07 4046 3699
92 Little Street


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