Aboriginal & Islander Community Association – North West

Aboriginal & Islander Community Association – North West

The North West Aboriginal and Islander Community Association (NWAICA) was formed in response to a rapidly increasing indigenous population in an area devoid of readily accessible, culturally appropriate services and assistance. The NWAICA identifies the needs of the working area and addresses them by accessing the necessary services to assist those people in need and facilitating contact between them. The NWAICA aims to address the immediate and long term needs of the community. This Indigenous Area Analysis identifies major areas of concern for the local indigenous population, including issues such as Health, Juvenile Justice and Child Protection, Domestic Violence, Education and Training, Young Mothers, Drug and Alcohol Abuse. The NWAIC’s core program is an Indigenous Youth Justice program (Break Out) servicing indigenous youth involved in the court system in the Brisbane city region. Break Out is a 5 days a week program covering employment and training, life skills, drug and alcohol, cultural, sport and recreational activities. As well as offering information and referral, the service provides community consultation undertaken to identify possible solutions and pro-active projects that can be implemented in conjunction with other agencies and service providers.

Operating hours: Mon to Fri 8.30am – 4.30pm
Phone: 07 3855 5317
Fax: 07 3855 5417
Address: PO Box 236
Arana Hills


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