Older People Speak Out

Phone: 07 3219 2572
Website: http://www.opso.com.au/

Older People Speak Out (OPSO) is an all-volunteer group of retired and semi-retired professionals who advocate on behalf of Seniors ? Australians aged over 50.
Our core message is Positive Ageing and we consult with older people, find out what their issues are, and then do something about resolving those issues. Because we are funded through sponsorship rather than any government we are able to speak out without fear or favour, and we talk to all sides of politics. We work with the media to promote Positive Ageing and through our annual Media Awards, instituted in 1994, we recognise those members of the Media who publish positive content about Seniors and the issues we face. We encourage the media by listing the latest research from our Forums, Speakouts and our experience on this website and through other electronic communications channels, including Facebook.
As well, we participate in many advisory groups at Federal and State Government level where we can represent the issues in the most appropriate manner. Our members are usually members themselves of other Seniors groups and organisations so that we can cross-fertilise on identifying the issues of the day and our progress in resolving them.