Alerting Devices


Phone: 1300 699 159

Cutting edge technology paired with people power deliver Australia’s best monitored personal emergency alert system, Australia-wide coverage: No longer be restricted to “at home” use, safeTwear goes with you via GPS/Satellite
• The world’s smallest and smartest fall detection and medical pendant.
• Automatic fall detection: A detected fall automatically connects to our 24/7 response and monitoring centre.
• 2 way voice communication: Speak and hear directly through the pendant.
• Medical alert button: Traditional button push for help as well as fall detection.
• Australia-wide coverage: No longer be restricted to “at home” use, safeTwear goes with you via GPS/Satellite tracking
• Perfect for anybody concerned about their ability to react or recover from dangerous situations; eg falls, confusion, being lost, heart conditions etc.
• A simple press of the button alerts team members to your situation or our fall alert system will automatically alert our emergency care centre.
• A trained member of our EMS Team will stay on the line with you until help arrives.
SENIORS ONLY OFFER: Over 65? Call 1300 699 159, quote smoffer18 You may qualify for a FREE safeTwear pendant and KeySafe.

INS LifeGuard

Phone: 1800 636 040

LifeGuard medical alarms and Nurse Call Systems help people to live more independent, active lives. We enable people to live with greater confidence, peace of mind and dignity in their own homes knowing that help is available at the press of a button, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The reasons why people need INS LifeGuard services vary from concerns about falling, to medication reminders or just wanting that sense of safety and security that comes from knowing you can live independently and still be able to call for assistance when you need it.

All alarms are handled by qualified nurses! With the press of a button, you are in contact with a nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week ? we know of no other company who can make that claim. We?ll assess the situation and send whatever assistance you require ? whether that means calling a neighbour, friend or family member, or sending emergency services, rest assured knowing that help is on the way.

INS LifeGuard is NBN Ready! Our medical alarms have been tested and will work with the NBN when connected correctly. So with INS you can access the many benefits of the NBN whilst still maintaining the vital security of your TeleCare and Alarm Systems.

Kedron-Wavell Emergency Medical Alarm

Phone: 1300 732 423

A service provided by Kedron-Wavell Sub Branch RSL, a non profit organisation benefitting the whole community.

Help can be summoned with a single press of the alarm button. This automatically dials the monitoring centre and you may be able to speak to them from wherever you are in your home.


Phone: 1300 885 886

LifeTec Queensland is a leading provider of information and advice on an extensive range of assistive technology that can help individuals improve their quality of life and remain independent.


Phone: 1300 889 785

Oricom has a phone with an emergency call function which is an automated system retailing for approximately $200. No monitoring fees.
The TP170 model can take up to 30 numbers.

Safety Link

Phone: 1800 813 617

Safety Link is a Personal Emergency Response Service that was established to keep people who live alone at home, in touch with their family, friends and even medical care if they should need it. It is designed for elderly people or anyone who lives alone who needs a simple and reliable way to keep connected to family, friends and others who can help them in an emergency. With Safety Link, you can immediately summon assistance via simple, touch-of-a-button access. Safety Link prides itself on helping maintain clients? independence and recognises its successes are due to the dedicated friendly employees who provide a personal and caring service to its clients. Safety Link is staffed and monitored by highly trained, caring and professional people, so you are sure of getting the help you need, any time night or day.

SOS Services

Phone: 1800 246 651

SOS Medi Alarms provide safety alarm services in coastal areas from the Gold Coast to Gosford (NSW). The lightweight waterproof alarm can be worn as a pendant or a on a wristband and when activated it contacts a 24 hour manned service centre. Staff at the service centre immediately attempt to call you on your home phone. If you do not answer straight away your nominated contacts are then called. SOS Medi Alarms have a monthy fee pricing structure, for more information call 1800 246 651 or visit their website as listed below.

St John lifelink

Phone: 1800 104 226
Website: http://

Put your trust in the St John lifelink medical alert system and be reassured that assistance, if needed, is just a push of a button away… St John lifelink is a personal alert service when you need it most. For older people, people with disabilities, or those in poor health living alone, the concern is who comes when you need help? With a St John lifelink medical alert, that worry is taken away, with a 24 / 7 monitored service that will respond instantly to any call for help. Some additional features of the system include an infrared beam that senses when a client has not moved, a wide variety of alerts and reminders that can be setup to suit individual needs, and a local disconnect device that automatically disconnects other phone extensions if an alert is activated, so emergency messages can be sent and received.


Phone: 1800 603 377

With over 2.5 million users globally, Tunstall Healthcare is the market leading provider of telecare and telehealth solutions. Tunstall offers a truly end-to-end solution; encompassing software and hardware development, world-leading manufacturing and technical standards, unsurpassed installation, maintenance and customer service and an uninterrupted 24 hour Australian based monitoring service centre.


Phone: 1300 360 808

VitalCall is Australia?s original provider of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week personal emergency response alarms. A market leader for over 35 years, VitalCall provides assistance to anyone who wants to live a full, independent and active life, but who requires the assurance that if help or medical assistance is needed, it is only the press of a button away.

People of all ages and circumstances use VitalCall. If you:

  • Are a senior living independently in your own home
  • Have been recently discharged from hospital or care
  • Require additional support at home due to illness
  • Suffer from a chronic or worsening condition
  • Are someone?s carer and need an additional helping hand
  • Live with a disability

Call VitalCall today and book a free in-home demonstration.


Phone: 1300 758 595

No monitoring fees. This is one of the Smart Diallers main beneficial features and it will save you a considerable amount of money. Monitoring fees on other units can cost approximately $350 per year, however by purchasing the CareAlert Smart Dialler you do not need to have any monitoring whatsoever and so the cost saving continues to add up yearly.

Carelink Medical Alarm

Phone: 1800 888 002
Website: http://

The Carelink Medical Alarm is a 24 hour monitoring system. It assists seniors and adults with a disability to maintain a lifeline with those who care for them when they are in need of help.

Ezichat Call Alert

Phone: 1300 720 880

Call Alert is an Emergency Response System which contacts your Friends, Family or the Emergency Services to attend to your needs. A Simple Press of the Pendant Button activates the Call Alert ensuring an immediate response. The Call Alert is a cost-effective purchase with NO MONITORING FEES.

A simple press of a button COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE !

First Call Medical Alarms

Phone: 1300 408 080

FirstCall is a low cost solution where Family & Friends take calls for assistance thereby eliminating an expensive monitoring service. This solution is suitable for people who have strong family and community support. FirstCall can also offer a monitoring solution at approximately half the established rate. FirstCall is able to do this because client?s purchase the equipment and are responsible for its maintenance after the initial warranty period. VC International directly markets its products to end users under the FirstCall brand so there are no middle-men involved in the sale.

FirstCall prides itself on exceptional customer service and is able to offer a quality Australian made medical alarm at the lowest possible price. The Directors of both companies have been in the business for over 30 years, providing high quality medical alarms to the community. The FirstCall Medical Alarm is available throughout Australia, and whilst the price is already set as low as possible, we can offer a Seniors discount of $20.00


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